Friday, January 29, 2010

Question Hour with APJ


  • Sir, in your opinion, who serves the country best – a soldier, a teacher, a doctor, a scientist or a politician?
Name Tarannum, IX A
Age Not Available
Institution Kendriya Vidyalaya

City Pathankot

All have their own role to play to serve the country in the best possible way. A soldier has to defend the nation and keep round the clock vigil so that the billion plus people can work towards development in peace. A teacher has to create enlightened citizens and future leaders. ‘Use your brain to remove the pain of suffering humanity’ should be the motto of doctors. Scientists should provide the inputs needed for achieving development. Politicians have to integrate and guide the actions of all sections of the community towards a common goal of national development. Above all one has to be a good human being.

  • What do you expect from the future generations?
Name Shikha Abid, IX B
Age Not Available
Institution Army Public School

City Udhampur

Future generations should have a dream and work for transforming India into a Developed Nation. As a student you can contribute by fixing a goal in your life, concentrate to combat, overcome the hurdles and achieve excellence. Student must imbibe moral values. They should aspire to become entrepreneurs. During holidays students can teach who can not read and write and underprivileged children and create a mission for them. They can plant trees and contribute towards improving ecological balance. These activities will collectively lead towards development and prosperity.

  • What do you like to do in your free time?
Name Monica Lamba, IX B
Age Not Available

Institution Army Public School

City Udhampur

I listen to Carnatic Music, both instrumental and vocal. Reading and writing books and poems.

  • In our country, even with a good degree why is it difficult to get a job? So, is it worth studying?
Name Dharma Mehta, Std. IX
Age Not Available

Institution St. Francis School

City Mumbai


Number of jobs are limited, hence it is competitive. For succeeding in the competition, you have to work hard. If you persistently work hard, I am sure you will succeed in getting a job. Alternatively, you must equip yourself to become an entrepreneur. Then instead of seeking job you will be able to provide jobs to others. For both, employment and entrepreneurship, education is essential. Problem starts in thinking when the completion of the education leads to government job. A system is getting evolved to built in the educational system – with entrepreneurship and employment

  • If God granted you one wish, what would you ask for?
Name Kirtan Patel, Std. IX
Age Not Available

Institution Girdharnagar-Shahibaug High School

City Ahmedabad

I will pray God to give me strength to work for universal peace

  • We, the school children are over burdened due to our loading of books etc. Being the First Citizen of India please help us in reducing this load.
Name Rohit Chandra, Class IX
Age Not Available

Institution Vishva Ves Call Boys School

City Namkum, Ranchi

Urgent action is needed for providing suitable school facilities infrastructure and appointment of good teachers for running the schools for providing quality education to the children blended with the modern technologies of e-learning and tele-education. While doing so a review of the syllabus is also required to prevent overloading of the children for ensuring blossoming of their creativity.

  • There is always a woman behind a successful man. Who is responsible for you success?
Name Himanshu Gupta, Class X
Age Not Available

Institution S.S. Memorial Public Scho

City Saifai

God Almighty

  • We live in village and we are studying in a good school, but there are many children in the villages who do not get this facility. Villages are also full of talents but facilities are available in the towns/cities only. Have you planned something for these Children so that they can get good education in the villages?
Name Kuldeep Yadav, Class X
Age Not Available

Institution Asit Inter College, Gangapul

City Etawah

Good teachers through tele- education we have planned knowledge connectivity in the villages for providing quality education to the rural children. Good education will also come through economic development.

  • What is the secret of your success? Do you see any difference in the students of present generation and of your generation? What measures we should adopt to improve it?
Name Gaurav Yadav, Class IX
Age Not Available
Institution Manbhawati Kunwar Jansahyogi Inter College Basreher
City Etawah.

They are very intelligent. They have a mission and great ambitions to make the country developed by the year 2020.

  • What are your suggestions to meet unemployment problem in India?

Name Soumavo Singha, Class XI.
Age Not Available
City Kolkata

PURA scheme envisages creation of large number of small enterprises in our villages. This will enable provision of employment to the villagers in the village itself. Also, I am recommending the education system to be made suitable to generate entrepreneurs who can provide employment to many rather than seek employment for themselves.

  • What is India’s biggest hurdle to progress – poverty, illiteracy or intolerance? How can we help India to overcome this?
Name Abhinand Pradeep,Class VIII
Age 13
Institution Naval Public School
City Kochi

To meet the need of one billion people and alleviate poverty and illiteracy, we have the second vision of transforming India into a developed nation by the year 2020. We have identified five areas where India has a core competence for integrated action:
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Reliable and quality electric power and surface transport for all parts of the country.
  • Education and Healthcare
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Strategic sectors.
These five areas are closely inter-related and if well done would lead to national, food, economic and security. Intolerance comes through the character. Home is responsible for generating the righteous citizens.

  • You are the only President in the history if India who has come from the field of science. Do you really have an interest in Politics?
Name Ashish Raina, VIII B
Age Not Available

Institution Army Public School

City Udhampur


The president of India has been elected by the Political system. So far philosophers and politicians have been elected. Definitely President needs to have the knowledge of political system. That I have already acquired. My main mission is to see that India is developed by 2020. That means India has to become economically strong.